Marketing Guide For Real Estate Lawyers- Get an Edge Over Competitors

The value of real-estate lawyers is increasing tremendously. Since there are constant ups and downs in the real estate industry, one can't stick to the age-old methods to expand their business. Right? Whether you are dealing with landlords or tenants, effective marketing strategies will ensure that you show up at the right place.

Understandably, many of your clients would be a result of referrals. But if you want to expand your services as a lawyer, limiting yourself to conventional means won't help you at all! So, let's provide you with some incredible ideas to market your services and attract new clients to your business.

Optimize Your Website to Generate New Business

If you want to be seen in your target market, the first thing you must do is devise a strategy to optimize your website for better organic results. For that to happen, you must create a list of keywords that will be ideal for business. For example, including keywords like "real estate attorney in.." or "commercial real estate attorney" in your content will improve its searchability. 
You can also go for LSTs and close matches to further improve your online presence. Also, experts suggest using a FAQ page and create a list of questions that you hear repeatedly. By answering these questions, you'll establish yourself as an expert. For example, if your clients ask about Real Estate Law and other related topics, creating a questionnaire and explaining the nitty-gritty details will help you rise high in the search results. 

Create an Ad Optimized Landing Page

Your website takes a whole lot of load for generating leads and sales. Why not give it a rest in between and create customized pages where you can provide your unique selling proposition, service you are offering. 

This way, you can provide different types of offers that cater to different audiences. This way, you can personalize your agenda and reach a wider audience. For instance, if you provide a wide array of services, you can create a landing page dedicated to each service. 

Take Advantage of Social Media Platforms 

Whether you are targeting commercial or residential real estate, you might miss out on potential clients if you are not in touch with your customers through social media. Not only that, it will be your go-to resource to understanding the pain points of your target consumers. 
Also, since the humanized marketing approach is rising in popularity, social media helps brands, irrespective of the industry niche, interact with their customers directly. You can post polls, ask questions, show your expertise on an ongoing subject related to your niche. Doing so will enable you to start a conversation with your target audience. 

Focus on Branding Your Firm

Whenever an organization thinks about branding, they often resort to creating appealing logos. But that's only a narrow view when it comes to branding. While there is no doubt that the logo is an essential part of branding, the focus must be on creating a mental association between the brand and the idea or the values you wish to protect your brand. 
For instance, Volvo portrays safety. Ford Trucks often show reliability through their marketing collateral. In the same way, you must focus on the value part and let people use it as a synonym when they hear your name. 

Give Importance to Your Areas of Practice 

If people can't find out your specialty, they will never connect with your brand naturally. So, whether you are using SEO, paid marketing, social media marketing, or others, make sure that you clearly communicate your focus areas. This way, you'll save your audience's time and energy. And will give them one more reason to choose you over your competitors. 
For instance, if you are a real estate attorney, let your target customers know the areas you can be helpful. You can also dedicate each page to your practice areas to further improve your chances of being found online. 

Brand Messaging Must be Immaculate

Often there are cases where attorneys forget about the code of ethics when devising their content strategy. While it might give some attention, the chances are that it might leave you with problems.  
So, it is crucial to understand the nuances of writing perfect content for your website or marketing collateral. Make you don't claim anything you can't prove. This is why brand messaging holds so much importance nowadays. Try not to compare yourself to others. Also, show your expertise and how you tackled the cases. But never use those cases to imply you can do the same for others as well. 
You must only project about your company, its values, and what all you can do. Anything besides that might create a roadblock between you and your success. 

Wrapping up

Honestly, it's no more a secret that everyone is turning to Google to find everything. The data holds importance in terms of finding an attorney as well. You will be amazed to find out the Google Trends data for the keyword "lawyer near me."
You can increase your chances if you use the right keywords and the right words. So, when the customers search for those keywords, they will easily find you. Remember, there is a difference between marketing and business development. Try not to mix the two.
When it comes to marketing, you must focus on value capabilities using press releases, paid marketing, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and others. It should bridge a gap between you and your clientele. 
But whatever you plan, make sure:
  • It's measurable and trackable
  • It helps you to engage with clients
  • It's value-driven to retain your clients

For this to happen, you must ask yourself a few questions, such as "what did you do the past year?" Did it help your clients? If the answer is "yes," keep strengthening your "plus" points. However, if it's the opposite, use it as an opportunity to decode what went wrong and why it didn't work for you. 
Doing so will enable you to craft an impeccable strategy for your brand. Isn’t that what you hope for?

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