Marketing with Social Networks: interview with Nicola Sangiorgi

To talk about the importance of social networks in business growth, whether it is online or offline,  we will talk with Nicola Sangiorgi, owner of one of the best digital marketing company in the  Northern Italy. This company (All Service Web Agency )is specialized in growing the business  through social media networks.

Marketing with Social Networks: interview with Nicola Sangiorgi

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Nicola Sangiorgi began his career at 18. After graduation, in the commercial sector, with excellent  personal results he decided to establish the All Service Web, made up of a team of 50 people, with  various spearheads, including the growth of the business through social networks

Nicola, why social communication has become so important? 
The advent of the Digital Age has brought with it a real revolution in the way of communicating  and conveying messages from the most futile to the most important. Internet has become the  fulcrum from which everything starts. Now internet has become the main medium for social  communication than television.  

Why we use Facebook and Instagram for marketing? 
There are various reasons that push different companies, of various nature and size, to use  Facebook for their marketing campaigns. Among internet users, those who use Facebook every  day are a good chunk, often the majority. In addition to this, it must also be considered that, at  least at an initial level, advertising on social media is a completely free activity. In addition, it is a  very effective marketing method and easily verifiable in its results, as are other forms of marketing  on the net. On Facebook, information travels very quickly, spreads like viruses; the same also  applies to other social networks, where in fact some videos or news are defined as viral, as their  diffusion occurs with incredible speed.

Why is Instagram considered the new frontier of photo sharing? 
In Italy, one of the most used social networks is definitely Facebook, despite this, more and more  people also use Instagram, together with Facebook or in its place. It is a social network that has  been available for some years now, but for some people it is still a novelty today. Instagram is a  social network, just like Facebook, only it's heavily focused on user images. It was born in 2010,  initially only as an app for devices equipped with an iOS operating system. In 2012 the Android  version was released and later the one for Windows. Today, the majority of Instagram users use  the social network via their smartphone, but the number of users via computers is constantly  increasing. 

What are the opportunities in Italy to develop your business through social networks?
Who does social marketing in Italy starts from the awareness that there are over 20 million  potential customers, all within reach. If you think about it, it is a number that no company can  reach in the area. Among them there are certainly countless subjects interested in the service or  product that a specific company offers to its customers. 
The methods to be able to reach the largest possible number of potential customers are various.  Even if we often tend to better calibrate the offer, and the marketing campaign, so as not to  spread the message to all users, but only to those who show peculiar characteristics. Advertising  campaigns on social media can in fact be calibrated by including the inhabitants in a specific area,  fans of a particular sport or hobby, a given age group. It is in fact possible to refine the choice of  your potential customers and send messages only to those who show particular characteristics. This not only improves the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, but also allows to contain its  costs.

What are the services you offer to your many customers in the social field?
The main purpose of a social campaign is to increase Brand Awareness and, consequently, also the  trust of customers in the brand, involving them to create the right engagement for its posts or  photographs. To do this we will address an audience that is potentially interested in its products  and services with the aim of turning them into customers.

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