Smart Workplace Wellness Tips to Revitalize Healthy Work and Life Balance

April is the Stress Awareness Month. There are 30 days dedicated explicitly to acknowledge the increasing stress sources and the general threat to the overall health and well-being. Health-care professionals across the globe have taken this initiative to help people embrace and love their bodies.

Medical professionals exclaim mental stress as one of the major concerns, and employees are the most subjected to this ever-increasing stress. 

“40% of workers report their job as extremely stressful”, a recent study shows. 
Now that mental health has become a pressing issue, businesses of all sizes are focusing on workplace wellness programs. And, why shouldn’t they? After all, it’s a matter of employee productivity, satisfaction, and company success. Thereby, they decide to bring into shape some wellness programs to reduce the risk factors associated with employee health and well-being. 

People today are most exposed to diseases and chronic conditions like high blood pressure, back pain, and diabetes. Research shows that employees participating in wellness programs tend to experience less stress, better sleep, and improved moods. The upsurging revenues and company productivity- not to mention! Looks like a one-fit-solution, right?

Why is Work-Life Balance Pivotal?
Studies reveal that employees who get a greater sense of ownership and control over their lives tend to manage relationships well. Such employees attain a more excellent work-life balance. Hopeful and motivated hearts feel less stressed out at work, which also increases the company's productivity. The higher employee retention, lesser training time, more loyalty, and high degree of in-house expertise are some promising benefits of wellness programs for the enterprise. 

What are the Key Wellness Program Aspects that Employees Should Consider?
A recent employee poll shows some of the best strategies employees expect out of their organization as a part of wellness programs. Some ways in which employers can ensure their company's initiative while helping employees maintain a healthy work-life balance are:

Arrange for a Wellness Assessment:
Start-up hubs or corporate houses can arrange for a wellness assessment by associating a team of health professionals. These top-notch medical teams offer health screenings to employees on a confidential basis. They give them the advice and personalized action plan to make the necessary changes to their lifestyle. These experts also make recommendations to the business owners about the changes that should be made on a corporate level. 

Access to Gyms or Wellness Centres:
One of the most positive ways of reducing stress is indulging in an apt exercise regime. Businesses must ensure that their employees undertake at-least thirty minutes of exercise each day in addition to a healthy diet. 

A fit employee will not get sick often and won't even have to miss days at work, which will ultimately help restore the company's productivity. There are numerous ways in which businesses can achieve their goal. 

Many office buildings have onsite gym facilities. If your building has this amenity, enlighten your employees of the benefits of using this. If not, you can offer your employees a discounted membership fee at a local gym. You can also ensure Wellness in the Workplace by hopping aboard fitness equipment. Encourage your employees to have Fitbits or other fitness devices. Doing so will connect their employees for a dose of motivation and healthy competition. This way, you can encourage your employees to get active. 

Encourage Meditation:
Studies show that around 18 million Americans meditate regularly to mitigate stress. As a part of the managerial team and brand voice, owners must ensure that their employees download meditation and mindfulness apps that let them quiet their minds and relieve stress. 
Enumerate apps like Headspace to your employees to make it easy for people to learn the art of meditation. The best thing about these new-fangled apps is that it offers a buddy system feature that lets you and your colleagues encourage each other in your fitness journey. And, why not? Together people achieve healthier and more vital lives!

Childcare Services:
When organizations extend care towards employees' well-being and their families, employees generate better productivity and performance. Experts say that childcare duties don't stop when people leave for work in the morning. A family-friendly work environment is known to prove advantageous for both employees and employers in diverse industries. Employees, especially the women workforce, take joy in such amenities because they aim to strike a healthy life and work balance. 

You can have an onsite childcare facility by employing daycare and babysitting services. Do you think that’s both impossible and expensive at the same time? If yes, then you can offer your employees a childcare service discount for alleviating the stress of caring for their children while also reducing the amount of missed work. 
Is it too much to ask for?

If none of these options work for you, consider allowing some flexibility to your employees for picking/ dropping off their children from the school. 

Understand the Employee Interests:
Your wellness program becomes successful only when businesses solicit feedback from their employees. After all, a successful plan always negates chances of failure. Every person perceives wellness differently and enjoys different activities. Make sure the wellness program you curate adheres to employee interest areas. 

This increases not only the employee participation but also upsoars their excitement level. Offer your employees some fun things like lawn games, catered lunch, comedian performances, field days, etc. 
The trick lies in thinking out of the box!

Incentivize your Program:
An employee wellness program would be successful only when it has incentives. Offering a bonus for taking a run to the future will keep employees motivated to achieve specific health milestones. Many companies also give financial rewards as an incentive. 
Now that employees lie leaps of faith on you. It becomes vital to ensure that your incentives are accessible to everybody and have something exciting to enable the team full advantage of the wellness program. 

Set constant reminders for your employees so that they reap the benefits of participating in the wellness program- both internally and externally. Be sure to lead by example!
Final Walkthroughs- Putting Ideas into Practice
Business leaders must realize the long-term benefits of encouraging employees to strike a balance between work and life. And, why not? These are sure to outweigh any policy changes and temporary inconveniences. 
Businesses recognize the early burnout signs and red flags associated with your employee’s ever-increasing mental and physical exhaustion and invest in a wellness program to embrace top-notch health of your employees and enterprise as a whole!

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