Stay Ahead of Game with an Apt Network Setup For Your Business

Whether you’re starting a new business or your current enterprise is in the growth phase- a well-connected company drives enterprise growth and success. Clearly, if you want to survive in the evolving digital landscapes, building an enterprise network is absolutely essential. 
However, you must understand that no one size fits all. 

So, you need to prioritize your firm needs and desires when setting up an enterprise network. Though every business organization is different, some general pointers can aid your network in selecting and setting up processes. Can’t wait to know what these are? Let’s get going.

Study your business  or office floor plan
It becomes essential to understand your office floor plan for determining if you require the installation of a network cable or not. And, once you know the network type, decide where you need to install the same? The enterprise network experts recommend hard-wire computers and servers for experiencing the best performance. Although the modern wireless access points can support fast network speeds, it becomes vital to know that the network cable is still the king!

Know the terminology
Networking is one IT area with abstract technology. Although standardization helps understand how networks on foundational levels run, it can often be a little complex for someone new to the networking world. Just Google if you’re unsure of what something means. Learn the basic Small Business Network Setup terminologies to build a more innovative, adaptable, and future-proofed company network. 
Know the difference between a switch and router as it is vital while setting up and network troubleshooting process.

For instance, some of the differentiating points include its cost-effectiveness, speedy networks, and a sluggish, underperforming workplace. 

  1. Switches: A switch is a technology that provides physical connections to multiple devices of the same network. Any device with an Ethernet port, from laptops to printers, scanners, servers, desktops, can find a switch connection. 

  2. Routers: A router is an equipment that connects different networks. In a small office, you require a router for communicating between the premises, and this is one of the most common uses of the internet. You tend to protect your business against cybersecurity threats when you prioritize bandwidth allocations, and these are exemplary functions of a router.  
Ethernet is the king
Now that we know that network cables are the king, the advances in wireless account speed standards have bestowed WiFi with the potential of competing with wired ethernet. The natural world application has made ethernet stay ahead of the curve. Some reasons for having your primary workstations plugged into a router or switch are:

  1. Bandwidth interference: Things can get pretty crowded on a 2.4 GHz spectrum. Make sure your WiFi runs on unoccupied channels. Thus, experts recommend downloading a free scanning app on your phone that checks channels with minor crowding.

  2. Compatibility issues: 5 GHz comes with a broader spectrum and supports faster downstream. However, for that, you’ll need compatible devices and a 2.4b GHz non-compliant device to connect and drag your bandwidth speed down. 
You shouldn’t avoid wireless and know it’s rather great for guests. It can be handy for meetings and get-togethers. Yet, solely relying on WiFi for critical enterprise operations and heavy computing can be tricky. 

Design your Network for Scalability
Before ordering new hardware, think of the ways of designing your network. You can do that by understanding your objectives thoroughly when creating the network. Decide the purpose of a computer network for you and your workers. 

While designing your networks, know the size. The number of PCs and hardware you connect impacts the networking hardware you aim at buying. Have a network that can scale along with you. Your company may require more PCs and connected hardware, like the network-attached storage devices or the VOIP equipment, in the coming future. 

Always go in for network switches that spare capacity for growth. Consider the number of connected devices if you’re thinking of going wireless. It is because the wireless equipment you choose must be capable enough to handle the number of devices.

Consider hybrid or cloud setups
Cloud storage employs third-party vendors or a private cloud by making use of a VPN. All you need is to be cautious about storing your data. Now that we’re talking of firm protection, it becomes vital to beware of cyber threats. Corporations must take appropriate steps for protecting their files and data from cyber thieves. You can opt for endpoint protection in the form of antivirus software or use disk and file encryption software. 

Prepare well for a disaster recovery plan
What will you do in case the entire office space burns down to ashes or a falling tree knocks down all your network communications? You can undertake more straightforward steps like switching to a temporary LTE/4G connection or go in for complex tasks like office staff relocation. The decision is all yours!

Thus, it would help if you always had backup plans for dealing with disaster scenarios. Ensure storing a copy of plans- off-site!

One of the major concerns for small business networking is security. The tech and network giants suggest wired network connections as more secure as compared to wireless ones. Now that you know security factors hold paramount importance, there are still some protective measures you need to take for safeguarding your company. Thus, in situations like these, familiarize yourself with security encryptions, firewalls, and WEP.

The Verdict- Select your Small Business Network Wisely
You are most likely to attain a competitive edge when you design your network, keeping these steps in mind. Experts suggest learning network management basics from some online resources. Scale your enterprise demands by thinking well ahead of time with an apt network. Also, use a good security network to secure your enterprise—the one that includes enterprise-grade firewall and encryption. 
Never forget about your internet connection.

Select an internet connection that supports your small business network setup from different plans- the ones that work the best for you. You can also bring aboard a Managed IT Services Provider for monitoring and maintaining your equipment to protect your investment in the best manner.  Ultimately, it’s about Business Networks without Boundaries! 

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