Construction project: Here’s the list of the right items in hand!

Did you know that, on average, 15 workers die every day on a construction site? In 2019, nearly 5500 people suffered from fatal injuries. (Data of United States of Department of Labor)

The term for such deaths is “fatal four.” It means that the cause of death is any one of the following:

  • Falling, 
  • Getting stuck in an object, 
  • Get caught in between an object, and 
  • Electrocutions. 

Sadly the rate of Fatal four is continuously rising, which is indeed overwhelming and disheartening. Nonetheless, the crucial question is: As a project manager can you do something to reduce these rising numbers? 

When you start construction, it becomes your responsibility to ensure the safety of every person working for you, especially of those who are actually risking their lives to fulfill your dream. Therefore, you should prepare a list of all the essential things that can ensure that labor stays safe and the construction goes on smoothly. 

Hang on!
Do you think that you don’t need any list, you know everything? If yes, then sorry to say you are wrong! There is a reason why technology is invented, which is that “the human brain can’t remember everything.” 

You without arguing anymore, go grab your notepad or open your notes in your mind and create the checklist. Believe it or not, it will help you in the long run! 

First aid kit 
Whenever an accident occurs, you can’t sit and wait for the emergency service to arrive. You have to hurry and provide the CPR treatment that can help in keeping a person alive. To do such treatment is essential to have all the right products/medicines with you, a.k.a., you need the first aid kit. 

Hence, before you start your work, you should check if all the ointment, bandage, medical equipment, CPR barrier, etc., are available with you. 

Security cameras
To build a project, you use several technologies. However, to ensure that the work continues without any interruption, it is crucial that you use the simplest technology, i.e., surveillance cameras on the site. Believe us; you’ll enjoy ultimate “construction facilities” if you use real-time monitoring to keep an eye on the activities. Don’t you think it’s best if you have to leave the site for a while? In fact, it will ensure that no safety rules are getting violated in your absence. Not to forget that you can always use the video recording as evidence to know who is at fault behind any fraud. 

Fire and emergency plans You must have heard the phrase that “Life is filled with uncertainties.” This phrase is applicable in every field of life. You don’t know what will happen in the very next second; thus, you need to be prepared for it. How? Well, you can create an emergency plan for your site. It will include information about the immediate measures to take to minimize the risk.  

P.S. don’t forget about purchasing fire extinguishers for emergencies. 

To sum it all up! 
Now that you know what is required to start your construction project peacefully. All you are left to do is to provide a superior quality building. So that after the successful completion of the work, people can fulfill their own dream there.

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