Rarest of the Cases Filed Under Personal Injury Lawsuit

Accidents will continue to happen as long as negligence persists. However, when consequences are involved, people tend to improve. To put this into perspective, personal injury lawsuits in the US have been on the decline.

From 1999 to 2008, there has been a 25% decline in the lawsuits filed for personal injuries. That being said, the decline in the lawsuits does not only account for improvement and awareness. It is noteworthy that there are certainly some cases that are usually rarer than others. And, in this article, we should discuss some of these rare personal injury lawsuits.

Product Liability Cases

Despite the rigorous testing and quality assurance, products do fail. And sometimes, they injure the users. A product malfunction occurs when it fails to perform the intended use, and instead causes injuries. This is how product 'recalls' initiate. Notably, the businesses have to learn it the hard way, for the penalties involved in product liability personal injury cases are pretty high.

Pedestrian-Car Injury

Though pretty uncommon to occur, pedestrian-car injuries do occur. A common instance is when a pedestrian is crossing a road and is overrun by a speeding car. It is noteworthy that every state has different regulations around pedestrian accidents. And likewise, the victims need to get a car accident lawyer who understands the differences. Moreover, despite these personal injury cases being rare, nearly half of the car accidents within cities involve pedestrian injuries.

Public Event Lawsuits

To be true, public events are mostly about fun. However, there have been instances of mob violence in public events. For example, soccer games are already popular for mass violence occurrences. It is a solemn duty of the event organizers to ensure the safety of the public. That being said, injuries that result at public events, are usually compensated by the event organizers. In other words, event organizers are usually held liable for compensating for personal injuries caused during their event.

Property Accidents

The rarest of all are accidents that happen at private or personal properties. Municipalities and state authorities impose many codes and construction laws. And the property owners are usually responsible for complying with these codes. However, this one, in particular, is also one of the most common cases of 'negligence'.

To put this into perspective, over a million people are injured in slip and fall cases. Although only 17,000 of the victims claim wrongful deaths. And only a half of these cases are usually reported. Thus, making the instances of lawsuits fewer.
  Regardless of how rare a personal injury case may be, it does not mean there's no need to file for a lawsuit or at least claim compensation from the at-fault party.

Though the compensations cannot undo the wrongs, they can still help make society all the way better. The businesses and the offenders are expected to be more responsible in the future. And hopefully, nobody else would have to go through the suffering that you might have been through. So, better get yourself a personal injury lawyer now if you have suffered personal injuries or damages, and you're not at fault.

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