Marketing Move: Social Media Is The New Success Mantra

Imagining a life without social media is scary. It has become an integral part of our lives. Waking up with a tag on Instagram, using Snapchat to share a glimpse of your daily life, reading articles, or watching videos, we use social media consistently....

Marketing Move: Social Media Is The New Success Mantra

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According to the data collected by Statista, “the global social network penetration rate is 49 percent. Eastern Asia had a 71 percent social media penetration rate, topping the ranking of global social media usage by region. Eastern and Middle Africa closed the ranking with an eight and six percent usage reach.” The reasons for using social media can be different for everyone, but one thing that can be proven is that social networking sites are indeed addicting. 

However, you can use this addiction for the benefit of your business. 

Survival of business depends upon the market value and goodwill of the organization. To become successful, every company tries to engage their customers and create new audiences using social media marketing. A good marketing strategy helps in creating brand awareness, creating a platform for customers to be heard, improves brand loyalty, and is also cost-effective. 

Social media is very vast and hence gives companies a chance to try different methods to engage audiences. You can upload pictures, videos, articles, gifs, etc., to attract more customers. But, it is only possible if you use the right social media marketing. The whole internet is filled with content and creativity, in order to get the attention of people you only have a few seconds.

Furthermore, you also need to make them stay connected with you. 

All these things require great planning and proper implementation strategies. It may seem like it is difficult and you won’t be able to do it. But no need to worry, by using the following marketing tips and tricks, you can create social media following for your business.

Selection of the media platform 
The first step is to decide the social media platform for your marketing. Every platform has its own features and audience. You need to select different techniques for different customers. You need to maintain a layout for your marketing to keep it clean yet attractive. The attractive and helpful your post is for others, the more chances are they’ll search for your brand. Remember to utilize every feature of social media for your benefit. You can retweet a positive review or post it on a story on every platform, you can connect with your competitors and keep an eye on their methods of marketing, make your page more interactive with polls and Q&A. Just keep your content according to the community guidelines of the SNS.

Planning for social media content
The essential step for every social networking page is its content. Without proper and relevant content your customers will not connect with you. You need to decide the type of content that will engage your audience. For instance, if you do a bakery business, you can share recipes of pastry, post a video showing people enjoying your service. Similarly, if your business is related to technology, you can post IGTV videos on different topics such as how to download a video from facebook, how to change your gmail password, how to upload a video on youtube, etc. According to your business and target audience, you need to brainstorm ideas for your content to avail the full benefits of SNS. Along with that, you also have to use different keywords, hashtags, etc. while posting content to ensure that whatever social media platform you are using, your content fits well with its algorithm.

Maintain Brand Image
Using social media marketing is the best way to create brand awareness. Every media platform has its own audience and benefits. You have to ensure that the message your company wants to convey stays the same for everyone. Understanding the way every platform works helps in maintaining brand image and also gives assurance to the customers that they are associated with a good and trustworthy brand.

Content Promotion
Social media marketing and content marketing go hand in hand. Once you gain organic and loyal followers, using your best content and posts you can keep them engaged with your brand. The trick here is that you need to focus on the quality of content and not quantity. A single post with good content can get more reach than five posts with useless content. It helps in creating more followers as well.

You may have seen various social media influencers posting something about a brand or service. It is because brands collaborate with them for their promotions. To make your social media marketing successful, collaborating with upcoming influencers helps a lot. You can simply send them your product or can request them to promote your brand. These influencers are followed and trusted by thousands of people, and if they promote or talk about your product or service, it’ll help in increasing your traffic and brand awareness. Similarly, you can also promote their content to appreciate the artist and to gain the confidence of people.

Tracking Your Growth
To know the success of your marketing campaign, regular tracking of data is important. You can change your strategies according to the latest trends and can make your content more user friendly. To monitor your growth, you can also attach tracking tags with them. Along with this, you also need to track the growth of your competitor. You can use the help of free SEO tools to get an insight into their marketing strategy. It helps in understanding the performance of your strategy, and also gives time to make changes.

Paid Marketing
If you have a good budget you can also take the help of paid advertising or promotion features offered by different platforms. You can select your audience and reach according to your budget, and you are all good to go. It is an easy way of promoting your brand in front of large audiences. 

Social media is an easy and cost-effective way to enhance your brand value. With these simple tips and regular posting of content, you can create an impressive brand image in the market and can set a benchmark for other businesses.

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