Best Upcoming Startup Book of 2021


Are you interested in expanding your entrepreneurial skills? Are you facing a wall when it comes to practical entrepreneurship? Do you need a mentor that can guide you through the ups and downs of developing, marketing, and launching your brand? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then DIY Startup is your comprehensive guide for aspiring entrepreneurs!
Best Upcoming Startup Book of 2021

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Entrepreneurs Watch Out: The Best Upcoming Startup Book of 2021
If you’re reading this, you’ve already taken the first step in achieving your dreams. DIY Startup is like having a personal mentor to show you how to create your million dollar idea. It's like is the 10 Commandments of business for aspiring entrepreneurs. DIY Startup breaks down the entrepreneurial spirit's fundamental tenets in easily understood language and is inarguably one of the best guides for up-and-coming startups and entrepreneurs.

What is this book about?
This is not just a book. This is the key to all your financial problems. This book will pave the way towards your journey to fiscal independence. In a world where it is getting more challenging to get a job, this book teaches you how to create jobs instead. DIY Startup is an invaluable tool that will help experienced and novice entrepreneurs alike and teach you how to harness your passion and discover the creative spark necessary to create a successful brand.In today's markets, the idea is everything. A single good idea, if implemented effectively, can make you a fortune. And this is precisely what this book is about! So, whether you are looking to penetrate a market with a novel innovation or are reinventing the wheel entirely, this book will help you how to design, protect, and develop your idea.

How is it different from others?
A legitimate question! Why would someone buy yet another self-help book when you can find similar information on the internet? This book is something that you have never crossed paths with. After going through it, you will consider DIY Startup the best upcoming startup book of 2021 for a reason! The reason behind our claim is the deep forensic dice into intellectual property laws like patents and trademarks. It covers every essential topic allowing you to penetrate the market with your product or brand. DIY Startup provides a foundation for building upon your unique experience and knowledge to turn a concept into a product. It addresses the needs of entrepreneurs in all markets and scales and is something that you will not find anywhere else.

Helping you get a head start!
The best and most unique thing about DIY Startup is that all the information and advice come from real-world experience. Most "Self-help books" on the market are written based on established practices, which are also covered, but it's adapted for modern needs that have evolved.Undoubtedly, academic knowledge is important, but it is frankly useless if not backed up by real-world experiences.You can't learn how to swim by reading a book or watching a tutorial. Similarly, you can't understand how to be an effective entrepreneur without knowing real-world realities.This book shows you how to be the wolf in a herd of sheep. It teaches you how to be decisive, tactful, and creative. And how to harness your skills and knowledge to develop the essential skills of an entrepreneur.

What does it include?
DIY Startup consists of 9 informative chapters focused on creating, building, and growing your brand. There are four essential takeaways from this crucial guide.

  1. Web Presence
  2. PR Strategy
  3. Pre-Launch
  4. Market
These four takeaways are the pillars of an effective entrepreneurial strategy. If you want your idea to turn into a successful product or brand, these four strategies are a must-have. This book will also teach you the three necessary steps needed to explore your options.
  1. Identifying emerging markets
  2. Developing a comprehensive roadmap
  3. Discovering opportunities to reinvent and diversify your product

Written by the serial entrepreneur: Thomas Lopez
Thomas Lopez holds over twenty unique patents and has brought numerous products to market in multiple industries. In this book, he summarizes his thirty years of experience in a narrative arc that takes you on an entrepreneurial journey and illustrates how you too can achieve success with your unique idea.

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