Refrigerated Van Hire: What You Should Know Before Buying one for your Food Business

If you've never rented a refrigerated van for your business, then things can be a bit tricky. For example, you might not know whether or not your van needs to be frozen, chilled, have a double door or rear door to name a few.

With that said, Fridgexpress share a few tips to help you choose the right refrigerated vehicle. 

Ice Cream Has To Stay Cold When ice refreezes after it melts, then the ice crystals can become even bigger. In turn, the ice cream will have a grainy texture. Unfortunately, this means disaster for food delivery services or gourmet caterers. 

Ice cream should be stored at -25°C, which is why a it is crucial to have a reliable refrigeration system. If you want ice cream to retain its texture, then it needs to be stored at that temperature constantly. Not only that, but a standby on the system is also important to have. 
Those in the food delivery business are regularly making several drops in just one trip.

This is why it's a good idea to choose a refrigerated vehicle with a triple rear door. This will allow you to store multiple orders, while keeping them separated. 

Groceries Can Be Heavy
The temperature of a vehicle plays a crucial role in maintaining the freshness of food from the grocery stores, butchers and bakers to name a few. Veggies and fruits have to be stored in different temperatures than fish and meet. If they aren't stored properly, then they won't stay fresh or be safe to eat. 

Seafood retailers often choose vehicles that have specific frozen temperature options. Such vehicles are typically larger. In short, vehicle payload is an important concern because of items being placed inside of it, such as large quantities of ice. 
When it comes to vehicle payload, butchers usually run into various issues because meats are heavy. Choosing a vehicle with a robust body is a smart idea. Furthermore, the refrigerated vehicle should have features such as tail lifts and meat rails. Such features make it easier to load and unload meat into the vehicle. 

Pharmaceuticals Can Be ExpensiveIn general, pharmaceuticals can be expensive, and this includes items such as medical supplies and vaccines to name a few. Many pharmaceuticals and medical supplies have to be maintained at specific temperatures when they are transported. Changing conditions can cause active ingredients to have a reaction, which is why mistakes in transport and storage have to be avoided. If mistakes are made, then things can become very costly. 

The best vans are dual compartment and have high specifications. A standby facility for the system should be in place too. This will ensure supplies remain stored properly if an emergency power cut occurs.

Choose Us For Refrigerated Van Hire
All of the above scenarios require accurate temperatures. If a refrigeration system is compromised, then serious consequences can happen. This includes stock becoming damaged and business activities becoming disrupted.
The good news is our vehicles are brand new and are temperature controlled. They are fitted with quality equipment and they come with prepaid repair/maintenance packages. This means risks of vehicle downtime are reduced. Not only that, but if anything goes wrong, then you can call upon our team of experts.

Our vehicles don't produce a lot of noise pollution and they are reliable. They are ideal to use in all sorts of environments, including urban. If you have any questions for us, feel free to contact us today.

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