6 Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass in Your Home or Office

With so many people opting to choose faux grass to beautify their outdoor spaces, the numerous advantages of installing artificial turf in a yard, garden or terrace are clearer than ever. Customers are now looking at the cost of laying faux grass as more of an investment that saves them both time and money in the long term.

A low-maintenance yard is a boon if you live a busy life and want to spend your weekends relaxing. Whether you’re a homemaker, a traveling professional, an entrepreneur, a commercial space manager or a tenant, here are six ways switching to faux grass can improve your lifestyle.

No more noisy lawn mowing
Installing artificial turf gives you freedom from the obligation of using or maintaining a lawn mower. You free up space in your yard, improve its aesthetics and, best of all, you need not stress about mowing the lawn or hiring someone to do it.At the workplace, you get to avoid noisy maintenance work and preserve the serenity of your premises and its surroundings.

Long-term savings on up keep and maintenance
Real grass requires constant care, which includes regular watering, mowing, application of fertilizers and pesticides and general weekly upkeep, for which you may need to hire a professional gardener.Evan Carlson from ArizonaHardscapes.com says that many people choose to have artificial grass installed so they can save money and time on lawn care.

Whether it’s your home or office, you spend a ton of money over the years growing and maintaining real grass, without ever realizing how much indeed you may have spent. If you compare, installing artificial grass is like an investment that over time reduces your overall expenditure on keeping a beautiful lawn.

An environment-friendly choice that preserves local resources
When you try to grow lush natural grass in a climate or terrain that’s not supportive of such growth, you need to invest tremendous time, effort and money to keep it looking great. Many homeowners realize that they still can’t have the lush turf they want despite doing everything they can, simply because they can’t cater to the needs of natural grass.

By opting for artificial turf along with stylish paving, you achieve the visual appeal you want in your immediate surroundings without worrying about wastage of water and electricity or introducing pesticides into the environment.

Zero exposure to pesticides and chemical fertilizers
Artificial grass is a good choice especially if you have young children and pets, as it does away with the need to store dangerous chemicals in your home and to treat your turf with pesticides and chemical-based enrichers, which mingle with soil, air and ground water and deteriorate their quality.In addition, your property becomes somewhat secured against invasion by pests when you remove natural grass cover from around your home or office.In addition, with no soil or dirt entering your home, your indoor space will feel cleaner with every passing day, reducing the time you spend on cleaning your floors and carpeting.

Weatherproof turf that keeps looking great for years
Faux turf is made with materials that are highly resistant to changing weather conditions.

It can withstand hours of harsh sun, rain, hail and snow, and is easy to clean afterwards. All good landscaping companies offer warranty and after-sale service that makes the upkeep easier. If you’re a nature lover who wants to be surrounded by calming greens, place potted plants both inside and outside your home.

Potted greens with draining trays underneath are a lot easier to maintain than real grass. All they need is water and regular pruning. In addition, they can be moved when the weather gets harsh and replaced as seasons change.

A plush alternative to the real thing
The fibers of high-quality faux grass are made to mimic real grass to create an authentic ambiance that’s as close to the real thing as possible.

Today artificial grass is available in a range of interesting colors and natural textures, giving discerning customers plenty of choices to create the custom look they want for their garden, backyard or sanctuary in the middle of commercial space. Add to the beauty of your outdoor space by installing pavers made with natural materials in natural textures and designs.

Good paving provides a perfect outline to synthetic grass and adds character to an outdoor area.With a creatively put-together look using quality materials installed to perfection, your neighbors and guests won’t know the difference until they ask how you achieved it.

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