10 Tips for Picking a Translation Company

Demand for translation services in businesses is growing and the challenge now lies in finding the right provider. Translation is not simply an issue of delivering an original message in the target language using the same words, but rather making sure that translated material sounds smooth-flowing and natural to the target audience.

10 Tips for Picking a Translation Company

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The growth in digital services means that a lot of companies currently offer this type of service. Unfortunately, not all of them are up to standard. What should you consider when choosing a translation provider? Below are a few tips to help you find the best translation company.

1. Team of Specialist Translators
A translation company should have a team of expert translators that are specialists in various fields and directed by a project manager. Some companies specialist in one particular area for example legal translation services in Glasgow (Scotland). Translators who aren’t sufficiently specialised or who work with more general texts are likely to make mistakes. This way, it is possible to deal with all translation requests effectively with a guarantee of the right style being used.

2. Revising Translated Material
Revising translated material is critical to avoiding errors in the process of translation. Due to this reason, all translated material should be revised by a different translator to guarantee the highest possible standards of quality and ensure that the translation is delivered devoid of errors.

3. Reduction in the Translation Processes
Comprehensive processing and management by the translation company throughout the process of translation, editing, and revision. This approach means that the client doesn’t have to be involved in the management of the translation project. However, the client’s suggestions and opinions are always welcome, for instance, regarding the right terminology to be used in the translation.

4. Delivery Time Optimisation
It is where the company’s experience comes into play. The company needs to be experienced in translating, skilled in processing translation requests and capable of covering all translation needs within a short amount of time, while still ensuring that the translation delivered is of excellent quality.

5. Management of Large Volumes of Work
The translation provider should have the capacity to work with documents of different sizes, irrespective of length, and ensure an efficient translation service always that respects the terms and quality standards required.

6. Tools for the Management of Translation Projects
The translation provider should have quality translation tools to ensure optimum service. Companies that use Google Translate exclusively as a resource should be avoided. Translation tools should also be compatible with various formats for the translation of texts. Documents that require translating should be sent via a securer system, which means that delivery systems should have this functionality and allow for secure delivery.

7. Service Availability and Customised Client Services
It is a differentiation factor that separates translation companies and those that provide additional value for clients. The right customer service means good customer service and fast response, either via phone or via email. Personalized communication with customers is very important and clients should also have a project manager that’s available to them always to provide information on the status of the translations.

8. Customised Translation Solutions for Each Client
Translation requests vary from client to client depending on their needs. It is due to this reason that the translation provider should study each project and its requirements to offer a truly customized solution.

9. Quick Administrative Procedures
Administrative procedures are an important consideration for clients. It is critical to have a large staff that’s dedicated to processing each project, and which works independently from the translation team.

10. Maximum Quality Translation

The translation company should hire a team of professional translators that are skilled and experienced in different fields. The ability to cater for all translation needs, irrespective of the translation type, from legal documents to publicity texts, is critical to providing a quality and optimum translation service.

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