10 Tips for Cleaning Your Office

It should never be a hassle when it comes to keeping your office clean. Your office should always be spotless, no matter if you clean it every day, every week, or every month, or even a hire a cleaning company to handle the job for you. For a dirty office to be a thing of the past, follow these 10 tips for keeping your office clean.

1. Keep Paperwork Organized
This may be obvious, but go ahead and take a peak around your office. Do you see piles of paperwork everywhere? If so, this is a problem. However, it's easy to fix. All that you need to do is find storage for each kind of file. Storage can be found in filing cabinets, desk trays, and wall pockets that can serve as your best friend when it comes to keeping paperwork organized and off of your desk.

2. Clean Your Public Area
Is your office area open to customers? If this is the case, we at Shine Cleaning Solutions, cannot stress enough how important it is to uphold cleanliness. Seating areas should be clean and free of dust. A duster and a few cleaning rags can easily take care of this. In addition, if your public area features carpet it should be vacuumed at least one per week.

3. Keep Your Working Area Clean
Just as with your area that serves customers, your office should be a space that is clean and tidy. That involves regular dusting, cleaning cables that are part of your electronics, et cetera. On each surface, use a dust-repellant spray in order to banish dust for at least one week.

4. Keep Your Bathrooms Disinfected
The bathroom is an area that all employees will visit from time to time, so it is important to keep them clean and safe for use. This promotes health for all employees and customers stopping in. Healthy employees mean fewer sick days taken, which, in turn, promotes productivity in the workplace. Hiring a cleaning company for your office can take a lot of hassle out of cleaning your bathroom areas.

5. Regularly Clean Electronics
Dust frequents electronic devices. Here it will build faster and be more visible around electronics as well as cables. Regularly make use of a duster and soft rags in order to clean all electronic devices in your workspace, such as keyboards, screens, cables, and so forth. In addition, be sure to disinfect telephones as this is a place where germs are frequently found.

6. Remove Garbage
A clean office isn't complete without trash having been removed. In order to cut back on garbage that is not disposed of properly, place an ample amount of waste bins throughout the workplace. Also, be sure to have the trash removed on a daily basis. Don't let garbage accumulate. Laziness does not promote a clean work environment.
7. Keep Desks Clean
A major source of office clutter can be found on desks. Some individuals are able to work amongst chaos,  but the need to keep desks tidy is still present. You should make tissue as well as cleaning gel dispensers close to where the desks are located. This will help your employees to keep their desks clean and germ-free.

8. Keep a Clean Floor
As mentioned previously, carpeted areas should be vacuumed regularly and tile surfaces should be mopped.

9. Clean the Kitchen
If your office features a kitchen, this area should receive special care when it comes to cleanliness. Food should be stored in the proper places that are also clean. The health of your employees is paramount, so be sure to clean these areas daily. Don't forget the table surfaces, sink(s), and microwave plate if these are present.
Some offices feature a break room that is separately located from the kitchen. If that is the case with your office, make sure this area is clean, as well. You do not want dust and debris carried to and from the kitchen and break area.

10. Hire Professionals
Don't have the time to clean your office regularly? This is not uncommon. Fortunately, there are office cleaning companies that specialize in workspaces such as yours. They will be able to use professional products as well as their own skill set to keep your office in tip-top shape so that you can focus on productivity.

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