6 Useful Tips to Choose the Best Medical Transport Service

Selecting the right long- or short-distance medical transportation service to transport your loved one safely for a medical visit requires research, particularly if you’re doing it for the first time.Here are six tips that will help you pick a non-emergency medical transport provider that best meets your needs.

Choose an accredited company only
One of the easiest ways to shortlist your options is to strike out those medical transport companies that are not accredited with the relevant regulatory bodies, including the Better Business Bureau (BBB).Going by accreditations when searching for medical transport will give you a fair idea of the standard of services offered by a provider, as reputed certifications are hard to obtain for medical escort services.

Check the fleet and the specific vehicle you’ll be assigned
Medical transport companies use different types of vehicles for short-distance trips to local medical centers or pharmacies and for long-distance intercity or interstate travel. Depending on your specific needs, check if the provider you’ve chosen has the right vehicles for a safe and comfortable ride.

Visit the facility and find out if the vehicle assigned for your use is the right make and is serviced, well- maintained, clean and safe for travel.

Ask if the staff are trained to handle emergencies
The transportation staff that will travel with your loved one must have received medical training to be able to address any issues that may arise during transit. While not all patients will require emergency medical staff while on board, if you think your loved one may need medical assistance during travel, make sure to find out if the transportation company can help with that.

Check what amenities are available on board
Luxury medical escort companies may cost more but they are equipped with best-in-class amenities for an elevated transit experience. These range from high-quality memory foam mattresses, built-in bathrooms, Wi-Fi, electronics charging points, flat-screen televisions, music systems and DVD players.If these are important to you, book a premium service that will take the dread out of a long-distance trip to your doctor.

Find out if the company provides the equipment you’ll need
If this applies to you, find out in advance if the company provides wheelchairs, stretchers or any other specific equipment your loved one will need during their journey to the medical facility.Pick a provider that has the required experience, equipment and training to ensure a safe and comfortable travel experience for your loved one.

Understand the contract before signing it
A service contract that’s too difficult or lengthy or complex for you to understand is an indication that you’d be better off looking for options. Look for a provider that offers a straightforward and simple contract that you can comprehend without professional assistance and is willing to offer you the assistance you need.

The above tips will help you choose a company that fits your needs and can provide the level of service that you expect from them.

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