SEO Services – A Sure-fire Business Idea

Many website owners handle their basic SEO but when the stakes are high, keeping up with the competition requires more attention and resources. This is why SEO oriented marketing services are becoming more and more popular. You too can join this growing segment of web professionals and earn a steady income by delivering SEO services to your clients....

SEO Services – A Sure-fire Business Idea

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The Growth of Dedicated SEO Services
Business owners who depend on online revenue are realizing the importance of having a dedicated SEO team on board. It is not feasible for many small businesses to hire full-time professionals to execute the continuous demands of SEO so they prefer outsourcing it to a reputed agency or individual. This is a growing trend as tools and techniques get more complex. As an SEO expert, you can provide end-to-end services for small businesses to leverage the opportunities available on the web. 

Becoming an SEO Expert
If you have decided to build a career in SEO, you need to understand the landscape of search engine algorithms in great detail. For DIY SEO, one can get away with basic knowledge. As a professional service provider, it is mandatory for you to stay up to date on every step of search engine technology. 

You also need to understand how SEO falls into the larger picture. What are the communications you need to maintain with other teams? How does your service compliment another campaign – e.g. mobile or banner advertising?

You also may need to borrow data from other disciplines of online marketing like search engine marketing and email marketing. This is why SEO professionals need to be experts in other fields too.SEO can be divided into three parts – the technical aspect deals with your indexing, backlinks and more. 

The on-page SEO deals with tweaking content and creating a better user experience on the website and the off-page SEO requires you to delve into website promotion. As a professional, you need to clarify these distinctions to prospective customers so they have a clearer picture of what lays ahead.

Finding the Best Resources
SEO is a very dynamic field and luckily, there are a lot of free and paid resources that will keep you on your toes and ready for new challenges. It all depends on you looking in the right places. Google Digital Garage is a great place to learn more about the latest SEO practices and tools. 

Get familiar with the free tools on offer – they are priceless to your business and can help in making basic pitches and proposals. Despite the increasing number of tools available, do not ignore Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.

Pricing Your Services
New SEO professionals often get stuck in a quandary when it comes to pricing. Does visibility come at a cost? Are you covering your basic costs? Should you charge based on time spent or do you think a flat rate for a project is a better deal for both parties? There are multiple factors when it comes to pricing. Bigger companies will have a larger volume of work and maintenance so you will have to spend more resources. The same kind of work for a smaller website will take less time so in these cases, charging according to time spent makes sense. At times, the complexity of the project will determine how much of your resources will be required – so even if it takes less time, you might have to use a higher skill level and more complex tools.

It is important that tread this area very carefully – as your network grows, you will not be able to make big corrections in pricing so easily. A guide like is crucial to help you on your way as an earning SEO expert. 

Make your Pitch - Why Are Businesses Looking for Professional SEO Consultancy?
We all need a bit of encouragement to move along in our ventures and the same goes for all budding SEO professionals. There are many opportunities that you can grab in the dynamic world of SEO and the demand for dedicated professionals is increasing for multiple reasons. These are also the points that you need to keep in mind when you communicate with prospective clients.

The sheer expertise that you offer firms as a professional is the biggest reason. Many website owners and managers start off doing basic SEO but eventually get overwhelmed when they try to scale up their strategy or keep up with the SEO trends. From a website owner’s perspective, time spent on SEO can be spent on more productive work so it is difficult to keep up in the long run. 

As an SEO professional, you can make larger investments in specific tools. It does not make sense for online businesses to spend money on SEO tools when they need them for just specific aspects of site optimization. This is another good reason for businesses to outsource their SEO. If you are making a pitch to get a new client on board this is a very valid point – while they are paying for your services, they also get the best tools and resources working on their sites.

Professional SEO services are performance driven. Your clients will get transparent reports and if they wish they can follow each detail step-by-step. The satisfaction of paying for performance is undeniable and this also factors into the growing popularity of SEO professionals. 

Last but not least, SEO has more or less received approval from the informed online community. According to a recent study, more than 80% of respondents regard SEO as a successful strategy. With such a trend backing you up, you will be able to get your SEO career with some effort and smart thinking.External resources help business manage their online presence in a very efficient manner and you can be part of this relationship. Get your portfolio organized and start having conversations with e-commerce business owners and executives. As buying and selling shifts online, SEO services will become more crucial for businesses to stay competitive. Your skills are sought after, plan your pitch and pricing smartly for a satisfying experience.

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