Introducing FRNSHX: The Future of Furniture Retail

Find out how Innovation has also reached the Luxury side of the retail market. It is written FRNSHX but reads FURNISHX; it comes from Italy and is the new marketplace that revolutionizes the online shopping of high-end design....

Introducing FRNSHX: The Future of Furniture Retail

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From the most famous brands to the creations of the world's best emerging designers, FRNSHX makes it possible for you to buy furniture, textiles and lighting at a reduced cost, up to 15% less than normal market prices.

However, the real novelty is represented by the integrated services of Augmented Reality and Interior Designing free of charge, which allows everyone to make conscious purchases, comfortably from home, enabling them furnish according to their own lifestyle. The new Marketplace, ships worldwide. And if that weren't enough, furniture assembly is always factored into the price worldwide.

Finally a marketplace built on the needs of the buyer.
An intuitive platform that allows you to search, compare and evaluate thousands of products in all their variations, provided by the best showrooms around the planet and made by brands such as Tonelli, Lema, Cattelan Italia, Bonaldo, Alf DaFrè, Glas Italia and many others.

By clicking on Furnish Your Space, FRNSHX users can quickly search for and compare furniture, textiles and interior designs.If you want an overview, simply let yourself be guided by the tips regularly written on the platform in the Diary section, or published on their Facebook page and Instagram.

 But the real revolution implemented by FRNSHX is to satisfy anyone who is about to furnish their environment - at home or at work – through Augmented Reality, implemented through a mobile app that can be used on the latest versions of the most common mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). And as if that wasn' t enough, the Design Your Space service guarantees free advice that can provide a customised interior design, developed by the architects of the FRNSHX Team..

Vortex prices: Internal Competition.Within FRNSHX, a kind of Internal Competition between retailers aiming to sell through the Marketplace is constantly taking place.That is to say, in order to make the sale a reality, the sector retailer who presents its products on FRNSHX tends to enter a slightly lower selling price for its products than its competitors, in order to be chosen by its customers.This process triggers downward vortex prices that allow FRNSHX customers to buy high-end products at competitive prices (from 3% to 15% lower than traditional market prices).

Request free design: how it works.
FRNSHX dedicates an entire section to the design service: Design Your Space.

To request for interior design in Design Your Space, the user only needs to fill in the required fields at the various stages of the formal process: personal data, indications on the preferred design trend, description of personal needs to be satisfied through the intervention of an interior designer.Obviously, the design request must include the plan of the rooms to be furnished, and if necessary a further image-reference can be found using Google or in trade magazines, which are explanatory of a particular trend or a model to replicate.

The FRNSHX Team will respond to the Design your space request within a period of 3 to 7 days; the user will receive a first furnishing proposal from the architects that includes: 3D rendering and a list of recommended products for his environment.

The first furnishing proposal will be reviewed and modified, in order to establish a continuous dialogue, without formalities, between the FRNSHX designers and the user, aimed at achieving the best furnishing solution, both for aesthetic and functional purposes.

Shipping and assembly? FRNSHX thinks about it.
Once you have decided on your purchase, you don't have to worry about anything anymore - FRNSHX will take care of everything from shipping to assembly.The furniture reaches its final destination all over the world within a period of 4 to 40 days. FRNSHX takes care of all phases of logistics, tracking the package and following the customer step by step, up to the furniture assembly service, which is managed by the Marketplace and is included with the supply of products, without paying any extra.

Returns and Refunds: FRNSHX is the right choice.
FRNSHX's customer protection returns and refunds policy is designed to provide you with the most comfortable customer experience. Any product purchased can be returned within 14 days from the date of delivery and allows the user to receive a refund of the full amount paid, even when the reason for return is simply an afterthought.

Discover FRNSHX: custom furnishings and interior design projects.
If retailers have taken the opportunity with FRNSHX to reach the global market by relying on the new Marketplace, it is the users who enjoy the real benefits offered by a platform that combines e-shopping with consulting and innovative integrated services.
Finally, a unique interlocutor is online who allows conscious purchases, through virtual supports and interior design projects suitable for every space and need.

The FRNSHX revolution has just begun, and is about to change the way we buy high-end design for the better.

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