All You Need To Know About Apprenticeship Programs

Apprenticeship programs provide aspiring professionals with the real-life experience needed to gain an edge amongst their peers.  As an apprentice, getting ahead of the crowd means taking advantage of the opportunities to increase your skills and knowledge in the industry.  Unfortunately, apprenticeships are few and far between; therefore, it is recommended that you consider making more informal arrangements to ensure that both parties are aware of the terms

1.  The Benefits To Apprenticeship Programs

• An intimate knowledge of the specific work setting
• Hands-on training
• A chance to use your skills
• Increased access to career mentors• Increased chance for career path advancement
• Increased confidence in your skills

Apprenticeship programs can be considered more beneficial than internships as the professionals are able to apply themselves in real-life work situations.  

Apprentices receive opportunities to use their skills in fields such as cooking, carpentry, and baking, and they will be allowed to use the skills on a daily basis.  The apprentice's mentor will also offer highly valuable feedback to help improve their abilities.

2.  Job Training
Job training is offered by numerous universities and colleges; however, apprenticeship programs are typically information arrangements.  Job training for apprenticeships is more beneficial because it is being acquired in a real-life working environment. The majority of entry-level positions will require recommendations from people you have worked with, not only mentors or teachers, and apprenticeship programs provide this feature.  Furthermore, apprenticeships allow young professionals to showcase and develop their abilities in a challenging environment.

3.  Gaining Career Knowledge
The experience gained from an apprenticeship can greatly influence the future career decision of a participant in job training.  The apprentice may discover the he or she is not suited to the chosen position and will opt for a different career path.  By giving the professional an opportunity to use his or her skills, the apprenticeship program reveals all weaknesses and strengths.  Apprentices can use these discoveries to determine a level of performance and either remain in the current field or change to a field they are more interested in.

Supervisors on these programs can become mentors.  Due to the supervisor being farther along in their professional development, he or she can offer advice regarding training, education, skill development, and professional networking.  It is recommended that you maintain communication with the supervisor to ensure professional success.

4.  Increased Level Of Confidence
The majority of young professionals will encounter stumbling blocks when entering the professional arena and the most common problem is a lack of confidence.  Confidence problems can appear in many guises including uncertainty regarding job expectations, an unrealistic image of the career path, or unrealistic expectations of the job based on inexperience.  

Individuals participating in apprenticeships will see a rise in confidence levels because they interact with professionals in the field and become part of the profession. This interaction can help a person gain insight into the industry and understand the expectations of the job.

Young professionals and students using an apprenticeship program may find they have an advantage over other candidates because of the real-life experience. Moreover, the program offers recommendations from industry professionals and an improved resume. As can be seen, apprenticeships can be highly valuable and should be considered when entering any sector.

If you need more help on making a decision, DST has a great post on the matter.

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