Stay Insured – Contractor Specific Coverage

Being in a competitive landscape, you need to protect your services and businesses from unforeseen circumstances that can take a toll on your resources. Contractors work in very competitive environments, where the margin for error is less and every gig could be the last if the services are not rendered satisfactorily.  

Professional Indemnity InsuranceProfessional Indemnity Insurance is one of the most important contractor insurance schemes. There will be times when a third party can claim financial loss directly attributed to your services. If you have picked up a robust professional indemnity insurance, or PI insurance, you will be guaranteed of a defence against such claims.

Even if your company or proprietorship is found liable, the costs will be part of the insurance coverage (subject to the indemnity limit).
Contractors provide a large range of services which would also include consultancy regarding certain problems or issues. There is always a possibility that the solution suggested does not work or it may cause further damage or loss of resources.

These situations lead to a dispute and you can end up losing a lot of money. Professional Indemnity insurance is a must for this reason. IT contractors face risks like a failed code leading to a crash, or failure to deliver on time due to unforeseen circumstances. This can lead to many repercussions on the client site. A crashed computer or stolen laptop can also lead to charges of negligence. In fact, for many IT contractors, professional indemnity insurance is a must as clients put it down as a prerequisite.

Lack of coverage can lead to you facing charges of hundreds of thousands of pounds, with bankruptcy inevitable. Companies like can help you understand your insurance needs. You can consult their expertise anytime.

Other Contractor Insurances
There are a host of insurance schemes that may apply to the nature of your work. Public liability and employee liability insurance protect you in case there is an injury, death or damage to property that has been attributed to your company. You may even get a travel insurance scheme that covers your business trips.

Tax liability coverage is another scheme that protects you from extra expenditures when it comes to an IR35 enquiry. Indemnity can range from 25,000 pounds to 100,000 pounds. A contractor sickness insurance coverage will ensure a monthly income when the individual is unwell and unable to work, and a lump sum is paid in case of death.

Find the Best Insurance Provider
When choosing a provider, you need to make sure that the premiums offered are updated based on the market pricing. Never overpay for insurance. Enjoy a flawless and interactive experience with a good service provider of various contractor insurance schemes.

By filling in basic details such as nature of employment, employee numbers and turnover figures, you can get a quote in a few minutes.A robust insurance will help you protect your business and move it ahead with full confidence. It also instills confidence in your clients, reflecting professionalism and reliability. Allay all your IR35 fears along with other liabilities with a coverage that is custom-made for your business.

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