Tips for Preparing Your Car for Auto Transport

When you need your car to be transported from one city to another, you need to hire a company dealing in auto transportation. Once you hand over your vehicle to the transporting company it becomes their liability to take the vehicle safely to the designated place. But, getting your car transported is not as easy as calling a company and giving the keys to their representative.

You need to choose the auto transporting company carefully and then to prepare your vehicle to be transported. Hope you have already done the task of choosing and hiring an auto transport company for your vehicle. If not, we suggest you visit as they are the service provider who will take care of your needs very well. Now, let us proceed to the steps required for preparing your car before handing it over to the auto transport company.

Wash your car thoroughly
The first step in preparing your car to be transported is to wash and clean it thoroughly. Dings, dents, and scratches can easily hide in a dirty vehicle. When you clean your car thoroughly you’ll know about the existing scratches or dents if any. And, this will also be helpful for you to check for the damages caused by transporting company and claim compensation. And, a clean car will also build a good reputation when you hand over the car to the representative of the transporting company. 

Take out everything from the car
The car while being transported will surely get some jerks on the road. So, you should not leave anything inside the car to be tossed over during the entire journey. Check it very well and remove all your personal belongings from the car. Don’t leave a single thing like air freshener bottle, decorative item, spare change, CD, pen drive, electronic items, chargers, seat towels or any document you might be keeping in your car.

Turn off the vehicle alarm
One of the most common problems auto shippers face is that customers forget to turn off their vehicle alarm. When you do not turn off your vehicle alarm before it is shipped it might cause lots of distraction to the driver of the carriage. As an owner of a car, you must know that driving is a risky job and drivers already need to tackle many hindrances and distractions on the road. So, you would never like to add more distraction for the driver transporting your car.

Don’t full the gas tank
You should not make your car heavier by filling the gasoline tank to its maximum capacity. You already know that your car will be carried to its destination not driven. So, there’s no need to fill the tank. However, some companies would want you to have a little amount of gas so that your vehicle can be driven up the ramp of the carrier and brought down similarly if they need to change the carrier in mid-way. You should keep the gas at a low level so that it can be driven in an emergency. 

Check the tire pressure
You already know that you need to keep your tire pressure at an optimum level while driving it on road. Overinflated and underinflated both tires are as risky during transportation as they are on the road. If your tires do not have an optimum level of pressure they are more likely to get damaged. The chance of damage gets doubled while loading and unloading of the vehicle.

Check for leaks
No explanation is required to make you understand that a leaky vehicle can cause serious accident and injuries during transportation. It is important for you to check for any leaks and get it repaired beforehand. If you do not do so most of the transporting companies will refuse to take your car.

Get extra keys
You will need to provide the car keys to the transporter because the trucker will need to drive your car on and off the carriage. You surely do not want to give the trucker the only set of car keys you have. So, get duplicate set of keys for your car and give it to the trucker.

Take pictures
When your car is ready to be shipped make sure you take pictures from all angles. This will not only be helpful for you to check for any damage caused in the way but will also serve as proof for claiming compensation.

When you follow the above-mentioned steps you can rest assured that your car will reach its destination safely.

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