MyOwnConference: Web Conference Software for Startup

Holding web conferences is a powerful means of audience attraction, learning, brand promotion, business geography widening, sales boost and formation of the status of an expert in a certain sphere. It can be safely considered as a weapon irreplaceable for marketers, small business and startups....

MyOwnConference: Web Conference Software for Startup

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For startups, web conferences can offer invaluable help. With the help of free events it possible to attract attention to yourself, your experience, your company, as well as gather a large number of leads.

Due to interactivity of web conferences, potential clients can get maximum useful information about a startup by asking questions in the course of a webinar.

Moreover, with the help of scheduled web conferences you can form and confirm the status of the #1 expert in your sphere as seen by your target audience.

The main thing is to provide your listeners with truly precious information. As soon as you begin helping your listeners in solving their issues, your authority and trust in your startup will grow rapidly, followed by an increase in the number of clients.

Whether you hold or plan to hold your web conferences for the corporate segment, marketing, learning or business is not important at all. In any case, you need a specialized broadcasting platform to gather your audience. Today we will tell you about the webinar service MyOwnConferece.

MyOwnConference is a platform for holding webinars, conferences and presentations over the Internet. It allows organizing events with the total number of attendees ranging from 60 to 1,500, and up to 10 speakers connected simultaneously.

MyOwnConference positions itself as a multimedia platform for holding online events with a possibility to create registration pages and send direct mailing. Its developers do their best to take into account the needs and requests of online conferences organizers with the utmost attention and thus update the system continuously.

The platform can offer your numerous useful tools:
●   Flexible localization settings (16 languages). Each online broadcast viewer can select the interface language one prefers.
●   Demonstration of any multimedia materials, e.g. images, text documents, videos, keynotes etc.
●   Online surveys among attendees, which help to raise involvement of the audience.
●   Online text chat with a possibility of saving the messages history and its further downloading to a carrier.
●   Broadcast recording that can be sent to YouTube and Dropbox in an eye blink.MyOwnConference requires no additional software to be installed onto your computer. Everything works and is adjusted online in a browser window.

  • Advantages of the platform:
  • Technical support that is fast to respond to questions
  • Easily understandable logics of webinar planning and holding
  • Transmission of video with audio, with minimum latency
  • Incorporation of a window with live broadcasting of an into a website
  • Branding: virtual rooms allow to place company’s logos or banners (e.g., with a link to some “hot” offer)
  • Possibility of drawing on top of the keynote during a presentation
  • Web conference participants can connect using any devices and web browsers.
Up to 1,500 people are able to participate in a web conference simultaneously. Yet, upon individual request the events of even larger scale can be hosted with the audience of up to 5,000 attendees.The platform offers the 30 days free trial period.

During it, the whole functionality is available. The only limitations are maximum 20 attendees per webinar maximum, and 20 minutes of webinar recording. It is a nice chance to evaluate the service quality before you sign up for any service package.

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