swipx democratizes the access to software solutions worldwide

The international IT market is becoming increasingly sophisticated, new software companies with innovative business models are constantly being launched....

swipx democratizes the access to software solutions worldwide

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The vision that Svend Erik Kundby-Nielsen, former IBM Director, has for swipx is to create a product that facilitates innovation through easy, fast, and free access to IT solutions. Most employees and leaders of small and medium sized businesses are not familiar with the transformative power of software solutions. And when deciding that automation can improve certain processes in the company, they do not know what to choose.

The purpose of swipx is to create transparency in the software market worldwide. "We want to educate the public about the complexity and value of software solutions in an organization," adds swipx founder, Svend Erik Kundby-Nielsen. swipx is a digital platform where companies, regardless of size, can find the software solutions they need.

In short, software vendors upload solutions, and potential customers define the criteria and specifications of the solution they are looking for. The software solutions on swipx are divided into 12 different domains, for example, Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Sales & e-Commerce. 

No commissions

Swipx is a free platform for both parties, sellers and buyers. There is no commission in the swipx business model. However, software companies may purchase an additional expansion package, if they are interested. The Expansion package offers the option of adding promotional materials, tracking site traffic, press, marketing materials and more. "The fact that it is free to be on swipx is an essential part of our business model, which we will continue to develop," says swipx founder Svend Erik Kundby-Nielsen.

What is the democratization of access to software solutions?

Software vendors can not buy increased visibility on the site. "Customers do not have to feel forced to buy something. There must be a high degree of independence and honesty on the platform, "adds Svend Erik Kundby-Nielsen." At first, the intention was to be able to search for the name of the software solution, but then I wanted the focus to fall on the software solution rather than the manufacturer's name."

Quick Expansion
It's been only two and a half years since the company was launched in Denmark, swipx Finland followed in 2016 and in 2017 swipx Germany was founded. Sweden and Norway, the other German-speaking areas in Europe and the UK will follow in the second quarter of 2017. Scaling continues at a very high speed, and a great emphasis is placed on creating the efficient teams in every country.

Facts about swipx:
We are already Europe's largest B2B digital marketplace for IT solutions with over 5,000 vendors; - Several articles have been published on swipx on the largest media in Danmark (Børsen, Berlingske, Computerworld); - We are in close contact with the largest trade union association (Dansk Erhverv) in Denmark (recently a comprehensive article - in their member magazine - about swipx was published); - We have established a close collaboration with IDC, which provides content on our website - We have already begun our expansion in Finland and Scandinavia.

ROOF follows officially in the 2Q 2017; - We have a cooperation with Kombit (IT consulting company of the Danish municipalities) to create transparency for the public in an otherwise very complex and unclear market; - We are in contact with members of the Danish Parliament, we were recently invited by the Danish Minister of Economic Affairs.

Topic: How do we drive the digitalization of society; - We have secured the financing of well-known business angels as well as support from the Danish state (Innovation fund) for the further development of the swipx platform.

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