Fleet Car Buying Tips for New Businesses

Fleet vehicles are a big investment for any company. They are not only expensive to buy but also highly valued in most businesses. This is the reason why you need to be very careful when purchasing one (or many) to get the best value for your money, and still have the right vehicle (car, van, truck, bus, etc.) for the job. Discussed below are a few tips to help you buy the right vehicle for the job, without spending too much.  ...

Fleet Car Buying Tips for New Businesses

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1. Consider vehicle specifications and options
Taking certain factors into consideration, such as how the car/truck will be used for, and any possibilities there is, is always a wise decision. You also need to check features and capabilities that come with the car/truck before signing the check. One of the best ways to get the right vehicle for your fleet is by having an open mind for all brands or manufacturers (for as long as they give you quality).

2. Work with fleet sales representatives
Although this may sound obvious, it is much better to deal with a professional who deals with fleet sales, as compared to the entire sales representative. This is because you may want to buy more than 5 vehicles at a go, and need a straightforward person to talk to. Fleet sales representatives understand your needs and will give you better value for your money than another sales attendant will.

3. Drive-test all available options
The vehicle’s condition matters a lot more than its price. This is the reason why you should drive-test all the choices you have to ensure they all fit your needs. It is after testing the vehicle that you can determine if it is comfortable enough for your drivers, passengers, and other tasks it is supposed to handle. Just because a truck is new doesn’t mean it can handle all tasks comfortably. Having your driver’s test the vehicles, and have a say on the same is therefore recommended.

4. Window-shop
Once you have identified the right vehicles for your fleet, you can then start window-shopping for the best offers in the market. Collecting pricing details for suppliers, dealership, and any other source you may get is a wise decision. You can also get plenty of this info online by searching for dealerships within your location, and even across borders if you have to. The invoice or quote isn’t always the last price; you can as well ask for a better deal from the same supplier. You should also know the vehicles market value to safeguard yourself from making an uninformed decision.

5. Ask for discounts and incentives
Although the supplier or manufacturer may offer some discount for the fleet purchase, it would be advisable to consider the vehicle’s pricing as well. According to Cheap Fleet, others will offer better deals on insurance if purchased in bulk for cars. Some providers may not offer discounts, but give you a better price that is more affordable.

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